patrolling Deheisha -
                            might give pause to some of your fantastic convictions  
      Yes, I have done some camping in the Berkshires,
      with bunks and hot showers.
      But to this day I associate camping
      with tents, or plainly under the stars
      after a day of training in places such as Tzeelim

  The thing I remember vividly from those barracks is

  how different the world looks on Friday, as the sun
  sets, walking to the camp's shul in newly

  polished shoes, already covered wilh fresh dust.
  The clean shirt you have just put on is the same

  drab khaki -
  but, there is no mistaking your new existence,

  feeling the graceful approach of Queen Sabbath

            ... וכולהון מתעטרין בנשמתין חדתין

  Back in Tel Aviv since Aug 2005,
  this photo with mother, dearest, was taken in Feb 2007
  at "לחמים"

April 8, 2007      
  ... ערב שביעי של פסח, שירת הים             

  I shared with my mother Zipporah four years filled with
  love that any two people would be blessed to have
    Aug 2010,   Tel Aviv


                    Oct 2007     הרבי ממכנובקה, בני ברק

  my father   Yehoshua Twersky
        my sister Shali & first granddaughter Mayan


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