David Twersky-Roggin
דוד טברסקי-רוגין
David Twersky
דוד טברסקי
Yehoshua Twersky
יהושע טברסקי
Zipporah Twersky
צפורה טברסקי
Jewish American
Marilyn Monroe
with a Sheitel
I started these pages in the early 90's, when civilian use of the internet began to spread. As a software engineer, I used it to learn and practice web programming with HTML, although this was not my area of expertise at the New York Stock Exchange.
In those days, before myspace and facebook, such personal pages were created by people to introduce themselves with, typically, their favorite books and music. Those were personal blogs of sort, before the word was invented.
I keep this site today as a memorial to my parents and my sister
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